5 Key Benefits of Setting Up a Singapore VCC

A game-changing corporate structure was recently put on the map for fund managers in the Asia-Pacific region. In January of 2020, the Variable Capital Companies Act came into force. This forward-thinking piece of legislation exists to boost Singapore’s fund management industry through variable capital companies, otherwise known as VCCs.

If you’re unfamiliar with Singapore VCCs, or simply want to learn more, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore 5 key benefits of setting up a Singapore VCC. 

1. Greater Flexibility

VCCs enjoy various beneficial tax treatments provide a high level of flexibility when it comes to both distribution and return of capital assets. VCCs can incorporate new funds as well as re-domicile existing funds.

In addition, a VCC can be used for both open-ended and closed-ended funds, making it a flexible choice for issuing and redeeming shares.

2. Improved Tax Efficiency

VCCs enjoy various beneficial tax treatments. For example:

  • whether the VCC is structured as a non-umbrella or umbrella fund, the VCC will be recognized as a single entity when it comes to filing income tax returns;
  • when distributions are made by a VCC in Singapore, distributions are generally tax exempt from Singapore income tax in the hands of its shareholders;
  • as any company, the VCC itself is subject to income tax in Singapore. However, the tax exemption regimes governed under sections 13O (“Singapore Resident Fund Scheme”) and 13U (“Enhanced-Tier Fund Scheme”) of the Income Tax Act of Singapore are extended to VCCs.
3. Privacy

A potentially overlooked benefit to setting up a Singapore VCC is the privacy afforded to its shareholders.

While financials and tax statements do need to be filed, the identity of the shareholders is kept anonymous from the public.

4. Stability

As a business-friendly country, Singapore has one of the most stable economies in the world. To that end, setting up a VCC in Singapore provides a level of stability that can be difficult to find elsewhere across the globe.

Singapore’s infrastructure provides a stable and transparent hub by which wealth managers can safely do business in Singapore’s open economy.

5. Future Opportunities

A final benefit to setting up a Singapore VCC relates to the potential evolution of requirements as set out under the existing legislation.

As markets become more familiar with VCC structuring, collaborative aspects of the fund will be brought to light. This will lead to future growth, additional partnerships, and ultimately attract a steady flow of capital further advancing Singapore’s position in the global financial markets. 

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