Angel Syndicate Simplify investments and discover efficient investment management

At Auptimate, we specialize in simplifying the investment process, allowing syndicate leads to focus on what they do best—sourcing unique deals and building profitable portfolios.

Our flagship product, the AngelSyndicate, is designed to streamline the management and administration of lead-managed investment vehicles. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the world of syndication, our platform provides all the tools necessary for a successful investment journey.

The AngelSyndicate by Auptimate, a lead-led investment vehicle, offers significant control to syndicate leads, enabling them to leverage their expertise for maximum returns.

Lead-Led Vehicle

The Angel Syndicate is a robust structure where the syndicate lead holds significant control, managing the day-to-day operations and making strategic investment decisions. This setup allows leads to fully utilize their expertise and market knowledge to maximize returns.

Efficient Structure

Our SPV is crafted to ensure efficiency in both setup and operation, making it an ideal choice for syndicates looking to invest in startups, real estate, or other assets. The streamlined process reduces overhead and enhances the potential for higher returns.

Legal and Compliance Assurance

With Auptimate, you’re not just getting a platform but a partner. We handle all the legal intricacies, from the drafting of the Special Purpose Vehicle Agreement to ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, allowing you to invest with confidence.

Investor Portal

Our sophisticated investor portal provides a centralized location for all syndicate activities, offering seamless communication and transaction management for both leads and investors.

How it works

Step 1 - Design your Syndicate

Start by using our intuitive platform to set up your Syndicate. Receive Opportunity fees and carried interest from each investor. You can customise carry and fees for every individual investor.

Step 2 - Launch your Syndicate

Launch your syndicate with just a click. Our automated systems take care of the necessary legal documents and compliance checks to get your SPV up and running swiftly.

Step 3 - Invite your Investors

Just input the name and email address of your investors and we’ll take care of the rest. With seamless KYC and AML checks, your investors are ready to sign the deal in less than 5 minutes.

Step 4 - Close your Deal

Investors wire the money into the Bank account of the Syndicate and sign documents for the deal completely digitally and your Syndicate is investment ready.

Step 5 - Manage and Grow

Auptimate handles the compliances including distributions for the lifetime of the Syndicate. Utilize our comprehensive tools to manage your investments and communicate with your investors.

Transparent Pricing Structure

  • Set Up Fee

    US$ 750

  • Deal Fee

    5% of total raise (US$ 6,000 min / US$ 11,500 max)

Clients and Deals

FAQs About Auptimate's Angel Syndicate

What is an Angel Syndicate?

An Angel Syndicate is an investment structure designed for a syndicate lead to manage pooled resources from investors to invest in specific assets or projects.

Who can benefit from using an Angel Syndicate?

Angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment group leaders looking for an efficient way to manage pooled investments will find the AngelSyndicate SPV particularly beneficial.

How long does it take to set up an Angel Syndicate?

The setup process can be incredibly swift with Auptimate, often completed in just a few days, depending on the complexity and compliance requirements.

What are the main advantages of using Angel Syndicate?

The main advantages include streamlined management, legal and regulatory compliance, centralized communication through our investor portal, and the ability to leverage the expertise of the syndicate lead for better investment decisions.

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