Who sets up SPVs, Syndicates and Funds (VCCs) with Auptimate?


Auptimate’s products and services have been designed for a wide variety of people and businesses. The user types below are some of the most common – and are referred to throughout Auptimate’s structuring tool – but we always want to hear from other users that may be interested in our products or services! User type […]

What is a Fund or VCC?

What is a Fund? A Fund is….actually kind of hard to define. The word ‘fund’ can be seen with surprising frequency.  It’s used to describe structures like pension funds, mutual funds, trust funds, sovereign wealth funds, exchange-traded funds, private equity funds and hedge funds.  All of these have the word ‘fund’ in common, but differ […]

What is a Syndicate?

What is a Syndicate? A Syndicate is an SPV with a twist (if you’re wondering “what is an SPV?”, see our separate article “Understanding SPVs“). Like an SPV, a Syndicate is an entity or legal arrangement (often a company) launched to acquire and hold a single asset for long-term investment.  Unlike an SPV, a Syndicate […]