Understanding FATCA and CRS Compliance

The Evolving Landscape of Global Tax Transparency

Navigating the complexities of international tax compliance is essential for angel syndicates, venture capital fund managers, and angel investors. With the rise of global tax transparency initiatives like FATCA and CRS, ensuring compliance is critical for confident investing. Global tax transparency has become a major focus in international finance. Governments worldwide are implementing stricter regulations to ensure tax compliance and prevent evasion. Key initiatives driving this trend are the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) by the United States and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) by the OECD.

What is FATCA?

FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, was enacted by the United States in 2010. Its primary goal is to identify U.S. taxpayers holding financial assets abroad to prevent tax evasion. 

FATCA requires foreign financial institutions (FFIs) to report financial information about U.S. account holders to their local tax authorities, which then share that information with the IRS under intergovernmental agreements. This includes details such as: 

  • account balances, 
  • interest, 
  • dividends, and; 
  • other income.

What is CRS?

CRS, or the Common Reporting Standard, was developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a global standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information between participating jurisdictions. CRS aims to combat tax evasion by ensuring that financial institutions report relevant financial information to their respective tax authorities, who then exchange this information with other jurisdictions. 

The types of information exchanged under CRS include: 

  • account balances, 
  • interest, 
  • dividends, and; 
  • sales proceeds from financial assets.


Invest Globally, Comply Seamlessly

At Auptimate, we offer comprehensive solutions to simplify FATCA and CRS compliance for investors. Our Fund Administration and Venture SPV products provide a streamlined approach to managing investment structures while ensuring regulatory adherence. Additionally, we offer FATCA and CRS compliance as an add-on service for clients utilising our primary offerings.

Why Should You Care About FATCA and CRS Compliance?

Compliance with FATCA and CRS is crucial for angel syndicates, venture capital funds, and angel investors. Non-compliance can lead to significant penalties and tax reporting obligations.

Angel syndicates and venture capital funds face unique challenges in ensuring FATCA and CRS compliance. Identifying investors with U.S. tax residency and collecting necessary documentation, such as W-8BEN forms, can be complex. These organisations must ensure accurate and timely reporting to avoid penalties and maintain their investment integrity. For those investing in the Asia Pacific region, understanding the specific FATCA and CRS requirements of each jurisdiction is essential to ensure compliance.

Angel investors and angel syndicates should be mindful of FATCA and CRS implications when investing, particularly concerning their tax residency status and investment structures. Depending on their financial arrangements, they may have reporting obligations to the relevant financial institutions (FIs) they invest through.

Angel investors should work closely with their tax advisors and the FIs they invest with to properly manage any reporting requirements. Providing accurate and timely information to the FIs can help them fulfil their FATCA and CRS obligations without causing compliance issues for the investors themselves.

Failure to comply with FATCA and CRS regulations can result in severe consequences for FIs, such as funds and investment vehicles. Non-compliance with FATCA can lead to a 30% withholding tax on U.S. source income, as well as potential additional penalties imposed by the relevant authorities. Similarly, CRS non-compliance by an FI can result in fines and possible legal action from the jurisdictions involved.

Angel investors should thoroughly evaluate the FIs they consider investing with, ensuring they have robust FATCA and CRS compliance programs in place. Providing accurate information to the FIs when requested can also help support their compliance efforts and mitigate potential risks.

Compliance with FATCA and CRS is essential for financial institutions engaged in cross-border investments to avoid penalties and operational disruptions. As more countries in the Asia Pacific region adopt these regulations, understanding and adhering to the specific requirements for each jurisdiction becomes increasingly crucial for successful regional investment activities.

Auptimate empowers investors to focus on their core activities, such as investing and building enterprises, while ensuring compliance through our innovative Fund Administration and Venture SPV products, with integrated FATCA and CRS compliance solutions tailored for investments in the Asia Pacific region. By partnering with Auptimate, angel investors and syndicates can mitigate compliance risks, safeguard their investments, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the region with confidence.

Auptimate's Integrated Approach

Our Fund Administration and Venture SPV products are designed to simplify FATCA and CRS compliance for clients. Key features include:

Automated Investor Onboarding: Our online platform electronically collects and stores required tax information, reducing the administrative burden on investors and ensuring accurate documentation.

Automated Self-Certification Forms: Our proprietary solution automatically generates the necessary FATCA and CRS self-certification forms based on the information collected during the investor onboarding. These forms are signed, stored and regularly updated via our platform.

Secure Data Management: We prioritise robust security measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring that investors' data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.